Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Medical Imaging Market

The research report offered by MarkNtel Advisors brings detail-driven, unbiased, and accurate research on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Medical Imaging Market, covering aspects associated with the changing interface of the market over the years. The analysis covers data from the historic years 2016-19 and the base year 2020, put together in a way to bring out estimations for the forecast period 2021-26.

This study is relentless & integrates an extensive & detail-driven examination of the industry, portraying elements like drivers, restraints, opportunities, challenges, key trends, & recent developments, among others. These parameters are associated with their influence on the market growth, preparing the stakeholders to get an idea of what to expect in the future.

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Segmentation Analysis

This section reveals the key parameters influencing the market expansion in diverse segments across locations. The researchers bring together an analysis covering aspects like the overall size & volume of products/services, their demands, and the fluctuations in the industry. In addition, this section also incorporates information allowing the stakeholders to procure knowledge on the demand, sales, production, & distribution mapping & their potential growth in the coming years.

Based on, By Component

– Hardware

– Software

— Perpetual Software License

— Subscription Software License

— Pay as You Go Software License

Based on, By Workflow

– Image Analysis

– Image Acquisition

– Detection

– Reporting & Communication

– Diagnosis & Treatment Decision Support

– Predictive Analysis & Risk Assessment

– Equipment Maintenance

– Triage

Based on, By Therapeutic Application

– Specialty Imaging

— Cardiology

— Oncology

— Lung Cancer

— Breast Cancer

— Other Cancers

— Neurology

— Respiratory

— Orthopedics

— Others

– General Imaging

Based on, By Deployment

– Cloud

– On-Premise

Based on, By Modality

– Computed Tomography

– Magnetic Resonance

– Ultrasound

– X-Ray

– Mammography

– Multimodality Imaging Systems

– Others

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Geographically, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Medical Imaging Market scales across the following regions/countries:

– North America

– South America

– Europe

– Middle East & Africa

– Asia Pacific

Competitive Analysis

With exhaustive research & complete company profiling by the researchers, the competitive landscape in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Medical Imaging Market report is a compilation of the changing interface, sustainability tactics, and strategies adopted by the prominent players for sustainability & higher yields in the industry. These aspects are grounded on the following parameters:

– Investments & Developments

– Overview of the company & business strategy

– Product/Service portfolio expansion

– The geographical presence of players

– Trends & recent developments

– Performance indicators

The prominent companies profiled in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Medical Imaging Market report are listed below:

– Smith & Nephew

– Aidoc

– Arterys Inc

– Beijing Infervision Technology Co., Ltd.

– Blackford Analysis Limited

– ContextVision AB

– EnvoyAI

– Fujifilm Holdings Corporation

– General Electric Company

– iCAD, Inc.

– Koninklijke Philips N.V.

– Mirada Medical Limited

– NVIDIA Corporation

– Nuance Communications, Inc

– Resonance Health Ltd.

– Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Top Reasons to Invest in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Medical Imaging Market Report

  • The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Medical Imaging Market research report furnishes unbiased & accurate perspicuity into the changing interface of the industry. It solely aims to help the stakeholders to develop business strategies after understanding the key trends influencing the market.
  • This analysis talks about the potential market growth in the future & the competitive scenario for strategic investments. Here, the stakeholders are enlightened with greater efficiency in organizing the sales & marketing efforts by closely studying the opportunities presented in the research.
  • Using this compilation of accurate analysis of the competitive landscape in the study, the stakeholders can also identify a strong upcoming competition & devise their strategies to get ahead of the competitors in the future.

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