7 Tips To Learn Te Reo Māori 

The Maori language is connected to Cook Island Maori, Tuamotuan, and Tahitian. Maori became New Zealand’s official language in 1987, although its usage has fallen since the 1900s. Since then, the Maori language revitalization effort has slowed its deterioration. In 2017, 130,000 New Zealanders spoke it fluently, and 300,000 were learning it.

As part of your reclaiming journey, mastering Te Reo Maori is harder. Having to learn Te Reo Maori as a non-Maori also has obstacles. You’re not simply discovering a new language; you’re gaining a unique perspective on the world.

This post gives seven ideas for Te Reo Maori learners depending on their reclaiming path.

Brush Up

Knowing the fundamentals is crucial to confidence: personal pronouns, A/O category, and sentence constructions. Skip the fundamentals! Set a sturdy foundation so your kete mtauranga (knowledge) won’t break apart or become weak.

Create Individual Community

Developing a firm grasp of Te Reo Maori is crucial to language acquisition. Without a firm basis, studying Te Reo may be tedious. Start by creating and understanding your Maori-speaking community.

Once you know these folks, you can incorporate their language into your life.

Begin Small

To learn Te Reo Maori, concentrate on little words. Like a bird requires wings to fly, a student needs words to soar. Introduce yourself to Te Reo Maori using post-its and images. Introduce the language and its role in New Zealand history and culture.

If possible, teach relatives and friends so you can all learn together.

Check Pronunciation

There are many resources available online to learn how to pronounce Maori words. The Maori Dictionary offers a handy translation that allows you to learn Maori nouns, which is a great place to start.

Practice pronunciation by rolling the R’s, identifying long vowels, and speaking with native speakers. You can also use audio-learning apps to help you with your learning.

You can also try some of the available podcasts. These podcasts look at Te Reo at the linguistic level, with several renowned Maori hosts. They also explore regional dialects, whakatauki, and tikanga, as well as the history and evolution of Te Reo.

Keep Challenging Yourself

To learn Te Reo, listen to Maori music. These recordings are free to download online. You can learn the remainder of the language after you know the basics. Use a phone, computer, or CD to practice Reo.

The idea is to establish objectives and alter them as you learn online Māori language courses. This way, you may stay motivated and study.

Embrace mistakes while learning Te Reo Maori 

While learning a new language, you should embrace mistakes. There are several ways to approach this, including asking people for help and clarifying your pronunciation when in doubt.

Mistakes are important for learning, but they are also opportunities to develop your confidence. Embracing mistakes is a great way to learn to speak the language. 

Learn Te Reo Maori in A Modern Paradigm

The goal of learning te reo Maori in a modern paradigm is to foster Maori identity. The way that students learn the language should challenge their assumptions about their cultural identity while reaffirming and challenging their own. 

Fortunately, there are several methods to learn this language. From applications to learn(ing) Māori online, one can immerse oneself in entirely other cultures and languages.


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