Your business’s website needs to be viewed by the target audience rather than anyone who views the ad. It is thus your responsibility to make sure your website has a meaningful reach on the internet. To make this possible, Google offers a range of tools to benefit your website.

These free Google tools cover all the fundamental aspects of running a website smoothly. They also enhance it, getting you the optimum reach on your website.

These tools can be handy if you wish to be a successful e-commerce business owner. You should try Google’s website design services as they will attract potential investors. After all, your website is how you portray your business in the market.

6 Free Google Tools That Will Benefit Your Website

  • Google Search Console  

Google Search Console is a tool with which you can easily monitor issues on your website. It is a handy tool to resolve server errors, site load issues, and security issues like hacking and malware.

It shows you how well your rich snippets are and how smoothly the videos/animations on your site are running.

  • Google Tag Manager 

Google tag manager provides you with relevant tags for your website. Once you create your tag, you can monitor its conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more. As you have full control over the tags you make, Tag Manager is one of the few free google tools that boost tag efficiency.

  • Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool 

Everyone now has a Smartphone, and a high volume of traffic comes from them. If you wish to have a smooth sailing website, your website should be well optimized for mobile phones.

If not, the customer will have a bad experience, resulting in a drop in brand loyalty. The Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool will test your website’s optimization for the mobile web. Read more about

  • Google Ads Keyword Planner 

This planner helps you choose the right keywords for your website and ads to boost the reach of your marketing campaign. We recommend this tool to small businesses that can’t afford a paid and expensive software for organic search.

The google ads keyword planner is among the most commonly used free google tools. It lets you search the reach of your keywords, carry out an organic search, and make engaging ads for your business.

  • Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is one of the most dynamic google tools. It tells so much about the audience that viewed your website. It also helps you analyze how the visitors found your website and what device they used when visiting it. Also, what pages they viewed and how long they used your website.

Amazing right? This information can help you decide whether your website is attractive enough. You can also check the customer experience with a new sale on your ecommerce site!

  • Google Trends 

This Google tool helps you carefully observe the trends in the world, and with its help, you can pluck out the keywords and tags related to your website. It also gathers all the available data and converts them into comprehensive graphs and charts.

This tool helps you effectively measure your website’s performance. With it, you can create relevant dashboards essential for achieving your goals.


These key design tools will surely help you build an appealing website. So next time you feel like the engagement on your website is falling, try testing them with these free Google tools, and you’ll know why!

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