3 Windows PC Browsers with Inbuilt VPN Service

Browsers with Inbuilt VPN! This article is going to present 3 browsers which have an in-built VPN service in it. All browsers are popular in the market, and our focus is on PC Windows. The VPN is a need of every person. Many social media platforms are banned in Gulf countries, and they use the VPN service to access these social media platforms.

Dubai is the most pointed place where the usage of popular social media platforms is banned. Facebook & Whatsapp do not work in Dubai & and many other Gulf countries. Dubai is an important place where the usage of VPN is demanded.

3 PC Windows Browsers With in-built VPN Service

People have become addicted to social media platforms, so VPNs are very demanding in those areas. Many people use the VPN service for bad usage, but we won’t recommend using the VPN service for any bad reason.

These browsers are also available for Android devices, but the VPN service is limited to Windows PC. Some of them provide an in-built VPN for Android users. If you’re worried about finding any place to get these browsers, then Atoz Apk is the recommended place in my consideration.

Opera Browser In-Built VPN Service

Opera is a very popular browser available for most operating systems. The amazing fact is that Opera Browser has officially started to provide VPN service for its users. The service is 100% free, and around 4 different virtual locations are available. Opera covered 4 regions Asia, Europe, and America.

I’ve installed the Opera browser on my Windows PC too. I use the VPN service of Opera too. It would help if you went into a private tab on Opera. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access the in-built VPN service of Opera. The Incognito Tab is well-known to most people, and I want to clarify one thing: Incognito & Private tabs are the same.

The European VPN service is amazing because the internet speed is outstanding. I’ve used all the virtual locations, and the Asian VPN service is much compromised on it, and the internet quality is not good for Asian Virtual locations. American VPN service is average too, but I highly recommend using the European service because it provides the real-time internet speed of your internet connections.

Epic Proxy Browser

Epic Proxy Browser is the second most popular browser that supports the VPN service. You don’t need to install any additional VPN on it because it has its own in-built VPN service. The amazing thing is that the browser avoids the advertisement, and if you browse YouTube on this browser, you will never see any advertisements.

This browser has an in-built extension installed, but ensure you’ve enabled the VPN extension from the setting. If you have never used this browser on your PC, then there is no need to worry because the user interface is damn friendly, and you will easily perform the setting, but if you still face any problems, you can comment below in the comment section.

The Ad-Blocker option should be enabled in the Extension setting. Many other in-built services are available in the form of extensions, enabling them and enjoying these services free of cost.

The browsing is smooth on it, and you will never feel that you’re using any VPN, but it will give you a feel of your internet connection. The good thing is the number of proxy servers available in it. You will get dozens of VPN servers on it. I used to work in the Indian region, so I need to use the Indian IP, and this browser has also supported the Indian IP address.

You should install the application on your computer if you want to find unique VPN locations. The product is also available for the Android operating system, and you can officially download it from Google Play Store.

UC Browser With in-Built VPN

UC Browser also has an in-built VPN service, with some extension scenes. This browser provides privacy to the next level because it helps connect you to any virtual place that does not exist in the actual world, and your identity will remain hidden. They also don’t store the cookies in it, and the cookies have been automatically disabled.

UC Browser does not save the browsing history. When you open a Tab of UC Browser and browser different sites, it will keep the history until you keep it open in windows. Still, when you close it, all the visited history will be automatically removed from the browser.

The VPN service is good too, and I’ve used many servers on this browser, and the internet quality is good too. The people who want privacy must install the UC browser on their Windows PC. This application is available for Android phone devices too. Moreover, the product is available for iOS devices. The iPhone & iPad are the operating systems which contain iOS technology.

This application was developed to provide a secure environment for ethical hackers. Many countries have hired Hackers to control different things. Different agencies use this browser to keep their identity private. You can get UC Browser on the Atoz Apk website, but let me clarify Atoz Apk lets you download the UC browser only for Android devices, but if you want to download it for Windows PC, then you can use a different source.

Final Words

We’re going to give the final remarks about the article. Let’s summarize what we reviewed in the article. These browsers are very popular in the market. The actual number of browsers is more than an in-built VPN service, but we have categorized the popular products only.

The users can use the VPN service on Google Chrome, but you need to install the specific VPN extension. A hotSpot is the recommended extension to use on Google chrome, but anyways, it depends on the need of the user.

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