There are benefits attached to selling clothes on an online store with no money but before arriving at these benefits you need to know how to start an online clothing store with no money.

Online clothing business is ranked above some online businesses considering the monetary aspect.

You see, with an online clothing business you stand a chance to compete even with anyone engaged in the clothing business in-store because you are likely to give your buyers a faster buying process and cost reduction in purchasing, unlike anyone who sells clothes in-store.

However, the Online clothing business is still earning people millions, most people do not know how to start and of course, they need basic guides on how to start an online clothing store with no money.

You see, in this article, I will be guiding you on everything you need to be guided regarding how to start an online clothing store with no money.

So, without wasting your time, let us proceed –

How To Start An Online Clothing Store With No Money

  • Outline your business plan
  • Conduct market research on market demand
  • Reach out to a clothing manufacturer you want to partner with
  • Create a website
  • Advertise your business and reach out to consumers and investors.

Where To Sell Clothes Online With No Money

If you want to start selling your clothes online, you can try social media platforms, although you should not depend on a social media platform. Below are a few online marketplaces to start selling your clothes online with no money –

  1. ASOS Marketplace

In ASOS Marketplace, most sellers deal in vintage dresses, although you can also sell on clothing type using ASOS Marketplace.

All you need to do in ASOS Marketplace is to create an account and the account acts like a store to you. You do not need to pay ASOS Marketplace to create an account, just that ASOS Marketplace takes 10% as a commission fee on any sale you make.

  1. eBay

On eBay, you can sell a lot and different types of items, and of course, clothing is not an exception.

As a seller, you will need to create an eBay account to be eligible to put on your clothes for sale on eBay.

Most girls prefer eBay to any other marketplace because they easily find what they want.

  1. ThredUp

ThredUP is one of the best places online to issue your clothes for sale.

ThredUP sends out a clean bag for you to fill with your consumer’s demand and give it to the mailman and the mailman will deliver it to your consumer.

Although you only take 80% out of every sale you make, ThredUP does not charge ship back fee.

  1. Realfashioner

With Realfashioner every girl feels independent.

This online marketplace features mostly avant-garde designers and some designers are somewhat related to that. The site has been seen as a great marketplace because it tries as much as possible to make a convenient environment for both sellers and buyers.

  1. Esty

Esty is said to be an artisan’s community where you also put a collection of vintage fabrics for sale. Esty only charges sellers when they make sales. Esty charges a total of 6.5%, 3.5% transaction fee, and 3% payment processing fee.

Also, Esty insists on sellers to pay 20 cents to list their items on the marketplace.



  1. Carousell –

Carousell is a top online marketplace where you can sell a lot of items ranging from furniture, to shoes, and even to clothes.

You can read here to know how to sell on Carousell fast.

It does not just depend on selling clothes online, you need to know what kind of clothes you can sell online, so, later on in this guide, I will be guiding you on the kind of cloth you should sell online.

What Kind Of Clothes Can I Sell Online And Make Money?

Market research should be conducted before putting clothes for sale online.

Currently, Vintage collections are making sales these days, you can start selling them on the online marketplaces I listed earlier.

You can also sell clothes you make, also your pre-loved clothes can be sold online.

Later on in this guide, I will be guiding you on manufacturers you can purchase clothes from and sell online –

Where To Buy Clothes And Sell Online

There are companies you can buy wholesale clothes from and sell them online, and some of these companies you can buy clothes from and sell online are below –

  • Wholesale fashion square
  • Stylepick
  • Fashiongo
  • LAShowroom
  • Tasha Apparel
  • Boulevard Apparel
  • Chase US International Inc.

I will be guiding you on the price you should sell a cloth for online later on in this guide –

How Much Should I Sell A Cloth For Online

If you want to sell your preloved clothes, they are fit for sale at 30% – 40% of the real price.

You can easily make profits from selling your pre-loved dress and other clothes you make yourself (that is if you can make a cloth)

What Do I Need To Have To Sell Clothes Online?

Selling clothes online does not require much, you need to have a marketplace, have the clothes you are selling, and have a good niche. You can even feature on selling clothes online without having a niche, but try to make your consumers understand what you deal with.

Is Selling Clothes Online Profitable?

It all depends on your business plan and how it works out. According to market researchers, you can bang 4% – 13% income from retailing the wholesale products you bought from a manufacturer. It is indeed a profitable investment.

Benefits Of Starting Clothing Store Online Business

Aside from making money from selling clothes online, there are other benefits attached to selling clothes online. Below are the benefits of starting clothing store online business –

  • It does not require a big amount of capital
  • It does not need much money for business maintenance
  • Anyone can easily locate your store
  • No compelling on business opening time
  • It will ensure you much time

Who Is The Best Online Market For Selling Clothes?

ThedUP, eBay, and Poshmark are all rated to be perfect for selling all types of body dresses. Although many people see selling clothes on the Facebook marketplace and WhatsApp as the best.

The best place to sell your clothes depends on the demand of that online marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does selling clothes online pay?

Yes, of course. Selling clothes online is profitable, you can make sales from your pre-loved dresses and also your handmade dresses.

Can I Sell My Preloved Clothes Online?

Yes, you can sell your pre-loved & owned dresses online. Pre-loved clothes are the most purchasable dresses in some online stores.

Who Is Eligible To Sell Clothes Online?

Anyone can sell clothes online, provided that you understand how to sell clothes online.

To open an online store for selling clothes does not demand a huge amount of money from you.

Can I Make Money From Selling Clothes Online?

Yes, you can generate income from selling different clothes online. You can even use selling clothes online as a profession.

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