Before Covid 19 hit the world and counties banned entries, travellers were very disappointed, and since then it has been a hard time for both travellers, and the tourism industry. Several travel destinations and countries have not opened doors to other countries. Due to these reasons, the countries itself, and the travel industry overall faced a very bad financial crisis, and there was not much they could do to revive the industry.

Well, while nothing beats being able to travel and feel the travel destinations, the world and circumstances have changed and now not only Covid 19 but also, the climate needs us to take a break. Well, due to this reason, the recent trends have changed the ways of the tourism industry and the recent trends are not exactly affecting the travel industry but they are here for the betterment of the industry, the people, as well as the climate. The trends we are going to discuss today are the Virtual Reality trends, which not only benefits the travel industry, but also people and the overall climate.

Monoscopic and Stereoscopic Tourism Explained

One thing that is best about VR in tourism is that both Monosopic and Stereoscopic tourism are becoming trendy. Well, both are capable of producing 360-Degree content for the viewers to explore. While both can be viewed on a VR headset, only the monoscopic VR can be viewed without a VR headset. While monoscopic is accessible and easy, stereoscopic VR provides a better in quality and much more realistic and immersive experience.

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When producing content for VR headsets, such as the Oculus quest 2 or other headsets, the first and preferred choice is the Stereoscopic VR. On the other hand, Monoscopic VR is more accessible, and is more cost effective than the stereoscopic VR, which brings us to the discussion that even people who could not afford tourism have access to tourism through VR. Let’s learn how.

Enhances Experience for Consumers

One thing that has started to trend and is super cool about the travel industry using Virtual Reality, is that they use 4K VR videos on a VR headset, and show you different travel destinations. This way you can choose your next travel destination by simply watching it from where you are. You can simply go to your travel consultant, watch 360 degree HD videos and get to see new places. for more detail

This way you have plenty of options and you can even choose a travel destination that you never knew about before. This helps you discover so many new places and some of those places might be super affordable too. VR saves the travel industry by adding value and convenience, as travel businesses give people the benefit of looking at places before deciding their next travel destination. It gets easy to decide, and enhances the consumer experience to the most.

Sustainable Tourism

Virtual Reality in tourism highly benefits masses and the atmosphere by cutting down mass tourism and by giving people a chance to see places from the comfort of home. By VR traveling is made easy from the couch of your home. With the Stereoscopic VR work has been done, and more work is being done to give people a realistic traveling experience from the comfort of their homes.

Besides, other things that affect the climate due to tourism, people often litter beautiful places that don’t have good management, and it affects the climate a lot. In that case, it is better to do a VR tour because it is high time that we start caring about the climate change.

Consumer Convenient

When it comes to tourism from Monoscopic VR, if you have a good internet at home, you can do a lot with it. After Covid 19 a lot of museums allowed complete VR tours on the web because they could not allow people in. This way even if you cannot go to visit the museum or a historical place, you can always have those museum tours through VR from the comfort of your home.

This Monoscopic VR tourism is great for people who don’t have budget to travel but want to explore the world. Similarly, if you are going to a new city, and you have to decide hotels to stay, hotels now allow you to do virtual tours in order to see and decide for yourself.

So, VR makes travel not only convenient for consumers, but also affordable.

Bring the Adventure Home

When it comes to Stereoscopic VR transforming the travel industry, it is very much true. It has been super helpful in fulfilling people’s adventurous wishes. There are services where the tour industry offers to fulfil people’s wishes by giving them once in a lifetime experience form the couch of their homes.

People who have wanted to scuba dive, cliff dive, and to have adventurous experiences, but could not due to either health, or financial issues, can now make their wishes come true. There are services where people can have their adventurous experience from the comfort of their homes.


The best thing that VR has done for people is that those who could not afford to travel, can now. This way the ones who can’t afford to travel can experience it from home, and avid travellers can find new destinations to travel to. It is beneficial for travellers, people who can’t afford to travel, as well as the travel industry. Sometimes people just don’t have the money, or time to travel and need a getaway, this kind of tourism is perfect for such people.

VR in Tourism Marketing

When we talk about marketing through VR tourism there are, and there can be several ways to market it. With 360-Degree video highlights for marketing purposes on social media and then linking interested and potential customers to the actual site, travel business can benefit a lot.

It enhances the service of businesses and when they bring VR, the consumers are attracted to their brand. Modern tourism marketing strategies are more effective, and are making up for the loss that the travel industry experienced in the past two years.


Well, Virtual reality is very soon going to be the new reality, and we see how it is already changing and enhancing the travel industry and tourism for common people.

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