If you are a gardening hobbyist, you must be a regular visitor to the local plant store. There is also a chance that you might have already bought all the house plants inside the store. Naturally, you might want some variety in your house now. Don’t worry if you can’t find a unique plant at your store because the world of online shopping has made it possible. In this blog, you will learn about some of the rare house plants you can add to your collection.

List of some popular unique plants that you can grow at home

Sensitive plant-

This plant got its name from the old belief that it had nerves like humans, and can feel like humans too. Scientists discarded this superstition after proving that the sudden movement of leaves due to touch is because of the water flowing in the plant cells. It only needs an ample amount of sunlight and some water to flourish in your house.

Coffee arabica plant-

This plant produces coffee beans, at first, you will see white flowers blooming on the plant, and after a while, red berries sprout, but they are very few. It is a member of the gardenia family and is pretty easy to grow as it only needs moderate sunlight. It blooms better in humid conditions with its size growing quite large.

Club Moss-

It only needs low light and humid weather to bloom to its full capacity. You can decorate it on your balcony or the windowsill so that it is visible to the people outside.

Adenium obesum-

Primarily known as desert rose, this house plant thrives in hot and dry temperature conditions. It is usually found in the Middle East and some parts of Africa and resembles a bonsai tree. Its trunk is swollen in shape to store water for a large amount of time and it needs heavy sunlight to properly flourish in your house. You can put it in the garden or near a window so that it can soak the sun rays properly. It usually stays dormant in winter and thrives in summer.

Bowiea volubilis-

It is commonly known as climbing onion and this plant flourishes in almost all-weather conditions and can be easily grown at home. Climbing onion only needs a moderate quantity of sun and it thrives in dry conditions, so it is not that difficult to manage.

Banana shrub-

This shrub does not belong to the banana family as it gets its name from its flowers that smell like bananas but belong to the Magnolia family. Keep it in the sun to help it bloom, and don’t overwater it as its root can catch root disease. Let it dry off properly after watering before repeating the process.

Frizzle Sizzle-

It is one of the popular house plants that adds a modern touch to your house and its flowers produce a sweet enhancing smell in the spring season. Just like most of the flowers on the list, the frizzle sizzle also needs sufficient sunlight to stay alive. It is similar to a banana shrub, and you should only water it once it is properly dry.

In this blog, you can find some of the rarest plants you can order at an online store and add to your collection of plants. If you want to buy similar plants, visit the bloom box online store and get the import right at your doorstep. If you want to boast about the rare plantation in your garden and inside your house, purchase similar house plants with immediate effect.

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