How to See Who Viewed the Instagram Profile?

How to See Who Viewed the Instagram Profile?

Instagram is a great platform for posting, uploading images, and videos, making reels, or uploading stories to share with friends and relatives. 

Instagram has a great feature to see who views your Instagram.

To the question, can you see who views your Instagram videos, yes it is possible to see and users can also see who viewed their posts, and stories and liked or commented on them.

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Ways how to see who views your Instagram profile:

With many great features but Instagram doesn’t allow users to see who viewed their profile.

Users can use various third-party apps to check who viewed their profile such as:


Stalker is a great app that is handy and easy to operate for those users who are interested in knowing their stalkers and people who visited their profile. 

It also allows users to see if someone saved the user’s stories or posts.

Follower Analyzer:

So the users can use the “Follower Analyzer for Instagram” app to check who stalks their account and check their profile more often.

Android and iOS users can download the app from the store. 

To operate this users would be asked to register an account and also download the Follower Analyser app to avail benefits of this account. 

Visitors Pro App:

After installing the Visitors Pro App, it helps users to estimate and automatically calculate the results of accounts, who visit their profile, check the posts and videos uploaded by them, the latest stories uploaded, and stream their profile page more often.

Profile+ Followers Insights:

This app itself suggests that it helps its users in seeing who viewed their profile and helps them to know their followers’ whereabouts, who followed them or unfollowed them, which can be operated on both Android & iOS devices.

The other third-party apps are:

  • InStalker
  • IGProfile
  • MyInsProfile and many more.

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