What is Prosoma 350mg and why do people consume it?

What is Prosoma 350mg and why do people consume it?

Prosoma 350mg is a medicine prescribed by a doctor to treat the condition of discomfort and muscle pain. It has tranquiliser effects and can be addictive or habit-forming. Doctors or medical professionals recommend this medication for a shorter period so that dependence on the medicine can be avoided.

Some people taking advantage of soma use it recreationally. It has a soothing effect and mends the activity between the spinal cord and the brain neurons.

Here we will discuss more on what prosoma 350mg is and why people consume it.

What is Prosoma? 

As per the Drug Enforcement Administration, Prosoma is the brand name for carisoprodol. The medication is effective when combined with some rest and physical therapy to lessen the painful musculoskeletal conditions.

The manufacturer of this Prosoma 350mg HAB Pharmaceuticals and Research Ltd markets this medicine as a muscle relaxant. Its parent compound is said to be benzodiazepine which comes under the class of tranquilizer medications.

Prosoma 350mg is available in tablet form and it was first made available in the United States as a generic medication in the year 1959.

Why do doctors prescribe soma 350mg? 

Prosoma can help in relaxing muscles after sprains, strains, and other muscle injuries. Together with other forms of muscle relaxation, Prosoma can help in reducing pain till the time the body heals completely.

Though Prosoma doesn’t help directly by relaxing the skeletal muscles. According to the study, it alters the activity between the brain neurons and the spinal cord. It makes the medicine work in a similar way to benzodiazepines, offering soothing and therapeutic properties.

People consume it for recreational purposes

The soporific properties of Prosoma can balance the pain treatment in amalgamation with other treatments, procedures, and medications. The primary substance in Prosoma 350mg is meprobamate which is a controlled tranquilliser. This substance can be habit-forming.

Some people consume Prosoma for its sedative effects recreationally but if consumed continuously, there are chances of developing a dependency on the same.

The half-life of soma is approximately 2 hours which means that it takes two hours for the medication to be reduced by half in a person’s system. On the other hand, the half-life of meprobamate is 10 hours.

It means that meprobamate can get collected in someone’s system if the person consumes several doses of Prosoma continuously or in a day. It increases the potential for dependency and the chances of side effects.

Adding to it, some people with a specific condition may metabolize meprobamate and Prosoma more slowly than other people. Therefore the primary substance might remain for a longer time in their bodies, developing the chances of higher adverse effects.

 The package of the tablet suggests that people should not consume the tablet for more than 2-3 weeks so that the side effects can be minimized.


As read above, the side effects of soma can be really dangerous and can worsen the condition but if taken according to the doctor without missing any dose and with precautions, Prosoma 350mg is not harmful. If you want to buy Prosoma online, you can get the door to door delivery. The medicine is just a click away.

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