NFTs Scam To Watch Out For And Prevention Techniques

NFTs Scam To Watch Out For And Prevention Techniques

Someone has probably already questioned you about Non-fungible tokens if you work in technology or are somehow involved with it in the past few months. These hottest new digital treasures are selling for millions of dollars, generating social media buzz, and receiving extensive news coverage. NFTs, according to their proponents, will change how we buy things like art, music, collectibles, and other things.

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But fraud is a part of any buying and selling transaction, and the same is true for these blockchain-based goods. An NFT magnate complains about being conned out of their digital assets daily.

This post will help you avoid being a victim if you want to enter the dangerous world of NFTs and come out with your shirt.

Five Typical Scams to Avoid

Rug Pull

Scammers entice customers by touting a phony NFT project or collection and assuring them of financial gain. On social media, scammers promote this asset, but once purchased, all of the promotion and unfulfilled promises disappear. The value plummets. The con artists stop this NFT from being sold.


Phishing scams often feature false emails, pop-up windows, and adverts that direct consumers to a fraudulent website. Afterward, they ask for their private wallet keys to access customers’ digital wallets. Scammers can deplete NFT collections and bitcoin in the digital wallet.

How to prevent

Typically, you just need your seed phrase to create a physical backup of your crypto wallet or restore it. Never enter any information into a pop-up window, including the MetaMask one. Never use links, pop-ups, or your email to enter your information while transacting with cryptocurrencies; always go directly to the verified website. Never share your seed word with anyone; don’t even take a picture of it to save on your phone. Instead, write it down on paper.

Imitation of Artists

Other artists have experienced comparable circumstances to Banksy’s narrative about a bogus website. The creator of the Art Blocks project “Fidenza,” Tyler Hobbs, criticized the site SolBlocks for utilizing his code to market copies of his creations. A bogus account using Derek Laufman’s name was also selling the artist’s work, and it even had a verified symbol.

The massive list of such frauds has prompted artists to take action by reviewing, commenting on, and reporting phony profiles for the unlicensed selling of their work.

Fake mints

In these schemes, scammers airdrop NFTs to influencers’ wallets, giving the impression that the famous people minted the NFTs on the blockchain. This is because many buyers keep an eye out for new activity in particular wallets to predict the widespread interest and a rise in an NFT’s value.

These frauds incorporate components of most earlier fraud schemes, from pump-and-dump hustle to artist impersonation. The largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, claims that more than 80% of NFTs made on its site for free were spam, false, or copied work from other artists.

NFT Giveaways or Airdrop Scams

In order to promote NFT giveaway programs, commonly known as airdrop scams, con artists impersonate legal NFT trading platforms on social media. If you spread the word about them and register on their website, the con artists will give you a free NFT. Then, when you are asked to link your Metamask wallet credentials to claim your prize, they record what you input and, having gained access to your account, start stealing your collection of NFTs.

How to Prevent

Always conduct your research and stick to the fundamentals. Look into the founding team to see whether they are anonymous (a red indicator) or if they have any prior experience. Do they regularly post on social media? Are they talking about the NFT’s usefulness? Always check the creator’s contact details and the NFT’s transaction history. Transactions focused on a single day may be part of a pump and dump strategy.

Fake or Copied NFTs

These phony NFTs are created when a con artist steals a work of art and uploads it to a marketplace where they all are listed for auction. Unfortunately, there is no way to get your money back because the item the customers purchased can lose value if the community finds out what it is up to.

Some Common Measurements to Avoid NFT Scams

Confirm the piece of art you bid on before purchasing an NFT from the market. Look for a verified artist account. Inquire on the artist’s Discord if they converted this into an NFT.

Salman Parcy (Global Branding & Business Development Head at Blockchain Firm), a cryptocurrency specialist, was questioned about NFT frauds and how to prevent them. The celebrity-fueled craze surrounding the industry, he claimed, has also attracted scammers despite the rise in NFTs. The manipulators and unscrupulous parties need to be excluded from the area. More important than the NFT itself is the Non-Fungible Token brand. Therefore, you need to consider a few things before owning them to avoid scams.

  • Be careful with your private keys.
  • Increasing online security
  • Use official websites only.

Before investing, perform adequate research and always confirm the NFT project price.

Additionally, he discussed how NFTs may help SMEs today and in the future and why it is worthwhile for business owners to learn more about these tokens.

Secure the funds

Create a thriving collection of NFTs linked to your business and sell them to users if you want to expand your company but lack the financial resources to do so.

Make Reward Cards

More clients are drawn to digital NFT loyalty cards. Users can scan their loyalty cards whenever they visit your marketplace to accrue points that can be exchanged for prizes and discounts.

Examine the Metaverse

NFTs dubbed the “new internet” is essential to the Metaverse since they can be anything from collectibles to virtual attire for your avatar or tickets to events taking place in each Metaverse.

Initial Adopter

Gains won’t come quickly, but you’ll get noticed and can establish yourself as a forward-thinking businessperson in the developing market.

Join NFT Now and Begin Your Journey

Even if the orb is still in its early phases, you might run into a few bottlenecks. Approach a recognized NFT token development company that supports the growth of your digital work in a democratic environment without depending on hosting agents, regardless of whether you are an NFT trader or wish to boost up your SMEs with NFT.

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