Everyone wants to have bright, firm, and younger-looking skin. Skin scars can cause low self-esteem and anxiety. However, people must remain hopeless as there are multiple solutions to the problems. The best dermatologist in Karachi can help the patient opt for suitable treatment to enhance their physical appearance.

The treatments that are proven effective in treating scars are:

Skin Needling: The procedure uses a device with hundreds of small needles to reduce the appearance of scars. The skin-needling device rolls on the skin to enhance its appearance. However, individuals must be aware that the results vary from person to person. Also, people require multiple sessions to notice a visible change in skin health.

Pressure Dressings to Flaten the Scars: The procedure requires supervision from a trained specialist. The procedure aims to soften and flatten the scar after a skin graft or help treat burn marks. Pressure dressings are made with elastic material, which the person has to wear for 6-12 months to reduce the appearance of scars.

Use of Skin Creams: Moisturizers and skin creams with Vitamin E are known to help reduce the appearance of scars. Individuals with scars must invest in a moisturizer with Vitamin E to enhance their skin health.

Dermal Fillers: The dermal fillers are substances injected directly into the affected areas. The patient gets instant yet temporary results after the procedures. Hence, individuals opting for dermal fillers must be aware that they will require multiple sessions to maintain their skin which can be costly.

Cryotherapy: The procedure uses nitrogen liquid to treat keloid scars. The individual must opt for cryotherapy in the initial stages of the scarring process to prevent the spread. The common side effect of cryotherapy is that the skin becomes relatively light after the procedure.

Laser Therapy: Light therapy aims to reduce the redness within the scars. Laser therapy helps increase collagen production. However, the patient must visit a trained practitioner to avoid complications.

Use of Steroids: Steroids help reduce the appearance of skin scars. The corticosteroid injections are problem effective in treating keloid and hypertrophic scars. The individual may require multiple sessions to notice a visible change in their skin health. However, the individual must know the side effects of steroids before opting for the treatment.

Use of silicon Gels: The silicone gels or sheets help reduce the itchiness and redness of the scars. The gel/sheet helps enhance the healing process by flattening the scar. However, to notice betterment, the individual has to apply the gel or the silicone sheet for 12 hours a day for four months.

Makeup to Hide Scars: Young people often remain conscious of their appearance. It can affect their productivity and performance. Anxiety can cause a person to suffer from mental health problems. Thus, it is advisable to use makeup to camouflage the scars. The wide range of cosmetics helps reduce the appearance of scars. It helps the person to have smooth and even-toned skin. However, the person must know that it is not a permanent solution for their skin problems.

Scar Reduction Surgery: Scar reduction surgery is an invasive procedure that can help make the scar look natural. However, it can also cause permanent damage and difficulty in movement. Therefore, one must be aware of the pros and cons before undergoing scar reduction surgery.

Individuals with scars who want to seek guidance regarding medical treatment options should consult a dermatologist in Islamabad. The competent and reliable specialist will provide information regarding the procedures, cost, aftercare, and side effects. It will help the patient understand the pros and cons and opt for suitable treatment accordingly to personal needs.


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