The desire for personal and professional growth takes many students to the UK. However, there are many myths about the country in the market that stops many aspirants to travel to the country for education. Keeping this in mind, today we are sharing with you the five myths about studying in the UK. Moreover, we will also learn whether there is any truth in these myths or not.

The Weather Is Terrible

Most people believe that the weather conditions in the UK are very rough and terrible all year long. However, this is a false belief and the country does not have rough weather all year long. During your stay in the country, you can expect to experience sunny and pleasant weather the entire year. But that does not mean you won’t see rainy and chilly weather in the country. You will experience all the seasons in the country. But mostly you can expect to experience sunny weather in the country. To learn about the weather conditions of the nation in more detail feel free to contact our Study in UK for Indian students consultant.

Pursuing Studies in British Academic Institutions Is a Costly Affair

This is another big myth about the UK that is prevalent in the market. Most foreign students believe that pursuing higher studies in British academic institutions is a costly affair. Yes, it is a little expensive to study academic programs at British universities. But this does not mean you can’t make studying in the UK affordable. If you plan wisely, you can easily pursue your studies in the country without spending hefty money. Besides this, various funding options are also available in the UK for students to help them reduce their expenses. Moreover, if you do some research, you will be able to easily find an affordable academic institution in the country. In short, you can easily make your education in the country affordable.

Accommodation Is Too Expensive

It is another myth that is very popular among many aspirants. Many students believe that they will not be able to find affordable accommodation in the country. But it’s a false statement and you can easily reduce your accommodation cost by taking an on-campus accommodation. On-campus accommodations are usually very cheap in comparison to private accommodation. Thus, by taking on-campus accommodation you can easily reduce your accommodation expenses in the UK. However, if you wish to stay in private accommodation then you can always share it with someone else to reduce your accommodation expenses.

No Job Certainty

Yes, it is true that British universities don’t give a job guarantee after graduation. However, they are many programs in the country that you can study to make yourself job-ready. Moreover, you can easily get a job after completion of these courses. Apart from this, British Universities also have placement offices that help pass out students find a job in the country. In short, with little dedication and hard work you can easily get a job in the county after graduation.

High Costs of Living

Your living expenses in the UK depend completely on your way of living. If you are someone who loves to eat out and do parties then it can shoot up your living expenses. However, if you don’t eat out frequently and plan a budget then you can easily reduce your living expenses. Moreover, many restaurants, food shops, and grocery shops in the country provide a discount to students. So, make sure you take advantage of these student discounts if you want to reduce your living expenses. To learn about different tips for reducing the cost of living in the country feel free to contact our best UK education consultants in Delhi.


Now you are aware of all the prevalent myths about studying in the UK. But as discussed above there is no truth in these myths. So, make sure you don’t take your decision on the basis of these myths. Instead, take your decisions on the basis of the benefits that you can get by pursuing your studies in the UK. Doing this will ensure that you don’t take any wrong decisions regarding your career and education.

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